8-panel digipak, 2 x CD
8-panel digipak, 2 x CD
Departure Songs
Artist: Hammock
Format: CD
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1. Cold Front
2. Ten Thousand Years Won't Save Your Life
3. Together Alone
4. Artificial Paradises (feat. Helios)
5. Frailty (For the Dearly Departed)
6. (Tonight) We Burn Like Stars That Never Die
7. Pathos
8. Awakened, He Heard Only Silence
9. Words You Said.I'll Never Forget You Now
10. Tape Recorder
11. Dark Circles
12. (Let's Kiss) While All the Stars Are Falling Down
13. All Is Dream and Everything Is Real
14. Mute Angels
15. Hiding But Nobody Missed You
16. We Could Die Chasing This Feeling
17. Glossolalia
18. (Leaving) The House Where We Grew Up
19. Tornado Warning

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8-panel digipak, 2 x CD
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