6-panel digipak, 2 x CD
6-panel digipak, 2 x CD
Chasing After Shadows...Living With The Ghosts (De
Artist: Hammock
Format: CD
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1. The Backward Step
2. Tristia
3. Little Fly / Mouchette
4. Breathturn
5. In the Nothing of a Night
6. Andalusia
7. The Whole Catastrophe
8. The World We Knew As Children
9. Dust Is the Devil's Snow
10. How Can I Make You Remember Me?
11. You Lost the Starlight in Your Eyes
12. Something Other Than Remaining
13. From the Dust...We Ran to Greet the Dawn
14. No Agenda (Instrumental)
15. Still Secrets Remaining
16. Geminis in the Country
17. Tunings
18. Verse for Forgivness (Instrumental)

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6-panel digipak, 2 x CD
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